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Electric Melting Stove for Wax Seal

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This stove can melt dozens of wax sealing beads or some wax seal sticks concurrently. It is convenient and perfect for making several wax seals at a go.

The stove has a simple dial that allows users to easily adjust the temperature between two settings. This makes it easy to use and ensures that the wax melts at the desired temperature.

Simply plug-in the wax warmer and insert wax beads or wax stick into the flat base spoon. With a large heating plate, this product can heat multiple spoons at once, making it perfect for use for large projects. Appreciate the convenience of being able to melt more wax at once.

After melting the wax, simply pour it onto your preferred surface. This process is quick and easy, allowing you to create professional-looking seals without any hassle. With its high power, this product can melt wax twice as fast as traditional candles. This means that you can get your sealing done quickly and efficiently, without having to wait around for the wax to melt.

Note:  It is normal for the machine to experience smoke and a burnt smell after initial heating, which gradually disappears after several use and is not a machine malfunction. When powered on, do not touch the heating plate with your hands to avoid burns. Children should use it with the accompaniment of their parents, and it is prohibited to use it alone. Dry burning is strictly prohibited. Please cut off the power in a timely manner when not in use. We recommend padding the surface with tin foil to prevent wax from adhering onto the heating plate.

Wax seals, wax beads and wax sticks are sold separately in store. You will need an international travel adapter to use the stove.

Operating Voltage: 360-220V, Power: 60W.