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[Collectors Edition] Kaweco Fountain Pen in Apricot Pearl

by Kaweco
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The Sport fountain pen in a revitalizing orange tone.

The Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl – a fountain pen that unleashes the creative spirit. The Collection color variant makes everyday stress disappear and promotes concentration on the essentials. The warm appearance of the color is wonderfully complemented by the application of golden elements, thereby conveying a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

In addition to the calming effect, the high-quality translucent plastic of the fountain pen with an optical color change releases a creative power that inspires new things. The subtle orange tone changes to a pearly, shimmering shade of green depending on the incident light, perfectly capturing the refreshing colors of spring.

The fountain pen can be customized by choosing your desired nib in sizes extra fine (EF) to Bold (B). For beginners, we recommend the medium nib size M. All nibs, as well as the fountain pen itself, are made in Germany. The writing instrument is ready to use and is equipped with an ink cartridge in the color sunny orange to match the pen color.

Each pen comes with one (1) ink cartridge in the color Sunrise Orange.

The Kaweco Collection is not part of the Kaweco standard range and therefore only available while stocks last.

  • EF, Extra Fine (0.5mm)
  • F, Fine (0.7)
  • M, Medium (0.9mm)
  • B, Bold (1.1mm)

Uses short international standard cartridges. Alternatively, you may get a mini piston converter to use bottled inks.

Presented in Kaweco Paper Gift Box - a separate Kaweco gift tin is available. 

There are matching clips to slide on in silver, gold, bronze and black - all sold separately.

The Kaweco leather cases to house the pens are also available.

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