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Ceramic Watercolor Palette // 20 Wells

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Rectangular in shape, this large ceramic palette has 20 wells and 1 larger well for mixing which are perfect for watercolour, gouache, inks and dyes. This ceramic palette has a nice weighty feel and because it is made from porcelain, it is easy to clean, will not stain and will keep your paints wet for longer than a plastic palette; providing a longer period for wet mixing and allowing you to avoid having to colour match to dry hues. Ceramic palettes are very sturdy and designed for years of consistent use.

The 20 slanting wells allow for the storing of a reasonable amount of pigment while preventing your brush having to approach the pigment at a sharp angle. They also can be used for creating gradations of wetness and tone.

Size 256 (L) x 136 (W) x 17 (H) mm

Note: Watercolors are sold separately in store.