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Asian Scents Co. - Local Delights Scented Candles (11 Scents)

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  • Ondeh-Ondeh is one of the most popular bite-sized sweets in Malaysia and Singapore, made of glutinous rice flour with pandan flavouring, filled with palm sugar and coated in grated coconut. 

  • Tom Yum is probably one of the most popular Thai soups in Thai restaurants worldwide. It is also a staple meal in Thailand. Tom yum has its origins rooted in Thailand. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yum means mixed. A refreshing zest accord with mouth-watering lemongrass, kaffir lime together with fresh pineapple.
    Notes: Kaffir lime, lemongrass, pineapple, herbs, vanilla bean, cedarwood

  • Gula Melaka is a sweet-tooth’s dream come trueGula Melaka (Palm Sugar) is a sweetener derived from palm trees. It can be dense and sticky. Gula Melaka from Malaysia is made primarily from the saps of coconut palms. It is then caramelised by boiling at a low temperature. The caramelised sap is sold as palm syrup in bottles or solidified and sold in the form of bricks or cakes. In South-East Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand gula melaka is used as a sweetener in desserts. 
    Notes: Gula Melaka, Tonka Bean

  • Boba Milk Tea is also known as Bubble Milk Tea originated from Taiwan and has become a staple drink not only in Asia but a widely popular drink worldwide. Our Boba Milk Tea scented candle smells just like it tastes - sweet and milky
    Notes: Fresh Milk, black tea, vanilla bean, caramel

  • Ice-Kacang also known as ABC (Ais Batu Campur) is a colourful shaved ice dessert consumed in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia commonly sold by street vendors and hawker stores. Everyone loves the colourful and generous serving of toppings with red beans, sweet corn, glass jelly, palm seed, condensed milk, rose syrup, and palm sugar. Perfect for a scorching hot and humid country to quench your thirst with a chilly bowl of Ice-Kacang. Notes: Rose syrup, palm sugar, bergamot, jasmine

  • Tiger Balm is known for its alleviating muscle pain and soothing effects. Tiger scented candle is inspired by "Tiger Balm" and is one of the staple medicines (ointment) in every Asian household. Growing up using Tiger Balm works wonders with everything and cures all like a magic balm from migraine to muscle pains. Not to mention, the unique menthol scent is intense and pleasantly aromatic that the smell you won't be able to live without.
    Notes: Peppermint leaf, eucalyptus, pine needle, patchouli and menthol
  • Kopi means coffee in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia term. It is literally a dark coffee served with milk and sugar. The scent gives you a fresh “kopi” fragrance just like you in a coffee shop.
    Notes: Buttercream, coffee bean, malt, vanilla bean, sugar cane

  • Inspired by nostalgia White Rabbit Candy, is a milk-based white chewy candy wrapped with edible thin rice paper. Also is a treat most of us grew up eating during our childhood. This candle scent offers milky and sweet just like it tastes.
    Notes: Buttermilk, tonka bean, lemon, vanilla bean, musk

  • Lychee fruit is originally from Guangdong and Fujian, the southern part of China and is often called the king of fruits. The taste of lychee is similar to grapes, but it has a little sour and tart taste. Oolong represents a true artisan mastership of tea processing. The appearance, shape and flavour of an oolong tea can vary wildly depending on the region where it’s grown and how it’s processed. The origins of oolong are claimed in both China and Taiwan and the tea is still highly revered in both countries today. Both lychee and oolong tea blend so well it creates the sweet exotic scent and isn’t too sweet at the same time.
    Notes: Lychee, oolong tea, bergamot, orange, cedarwood and amber

  • Mango sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert known as Khao Niaow Ma Muang (in Thai) is heavenly delicious and famously served as street food in Thailand and at Thai restaurants. The sweet sticky rice paired so well with nutty coconut cream and fresh sweet mango. This scent will offer you an exotic traditional Thai dessert.
    Notes: Mango, papaya, coconut milk, buttered rum
  • Siamese Lemongrass has a scent of lemongrass ginger that instantly remind you of a massage spa in Thailand where you get the feeling of pampering your body and calming your mind. With notes of lemongrass, orange blossom as top notes, and rosewood and herbal as base notes.
    Notes: Lemongrass, orange blossom, ginger, eucalyptus, rosewood, herbal 


  • Made of Premium Coconut Soy Wax & Wooden wick
  • High-quality fragrance oil from Australia
  • Approx. Up to 25hours burn time
  • Weight 80grams (reusable jar)
  • Hand-poured small batches

Our scented candles are vegan-friendly wax that consists of a balanced blend of Coconut and Pure Soy.

No additives – Hydrogenated soybean and coconut oil from the USA Non-toxic, paraben-free, no phthalates and cruelty-free.

Candle Safety:
Failure to follow instructions could result in the fire hard or injury. Never move a lit candle. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid exposure to drafts. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

CAUTION: Container may be hot. Always store the candle in a cool dry place below 25c and away from direct sunlight. Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm before each burn to prevent smoke and large flame, Do not burn the candle for more than 4hours.