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Zebra Titanium G Calligraphy Nib

by Zebra
Original price MYR 16.00 - Original price MYR 160.00
Original price MYR 160.00
MYR 16.00
MYR 16.00 - MYR 136.00
Current price MYR 16.00

This new nib is an upgrade from the Zebra G nib which is made of chrome-plated steel. The titanium version is said to have four times the endurance of the steel version.

This nib is a G nib treated with titanium coating, which improves its durability and resistance to wear and abrasion, while maintaining the comfortable drawing feel.

The nib will have an invisible protective serum on it to keep it from rusting. Please remove this before use, by dipping the nib in soapy warm water and rubbing off the film.

Disclaimer: The titanium Zebra G nib will come with markings at the tips out of the box, (kindly refer to Image 2) however it does not affect the use of the nib whatsoever. Kindly do not purchase the nib if you are uncomfortable with this.