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Manuscript Ink Converter

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The Manuscript ink converter allows you to use bottled ink instead of ink cartridges with manuscript pens. Simply insert the converter into your manuscript fountain pen and then you can draw ink up through the nib by twisting the mechanism.
  • 1. Take the front end section of your fountain pen and remove the barrel.
    Using an Ink Converter

    2. Using only fountain pen ink, dip your nib into the bottled ink.


    3. Carefully pull the plunger back to draw the ink through and into the empty chamber of the Ink Converter.

    4. Your converter should now be full of ink and ready to be inserted back into the fountain pen.

    5. With the Ink Converter still attached, carefully screw the front end section back into the barrel in a clockwise direction.

    6. Finally, to draw the ink through the nib section take a scrap piece of paper and draw the nib downwards several times until you see the ink flowing through to the paper.

    Hints and tips:

    • Ensure that the ink converter is pushed firmly up into place
    • To encourage ink to come down to the nib: hold pen vertically with the tip of the nib pointing down over scrap paper and tap the tip of the nib repeatedly on the paper for up to 25 seconds until the ink comes through.

    NOTE: If the pen does not start to write after this you can also try squeezing the ink converter gently and carefully over scrap paper until the ink comes down to the nib!

    • Take care as there is danger some might spill! If you do create a blob of ink on the paper you can dip the nib into this to encourage flow.