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Kuretake Brush Pen No. 24 (F)

Original price MYR 28.90 - Original price MYR 28.90
Original price MYR 28.90
MYR 28.90
MYR 28.90 - MYR 28.90
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Brush Pen No.24 is a water-based pigment ink similar to the Brush Pen no. 22 but it has a much smaller nylon bristle brush tip. Both cartridges are interchangeable. Brush Pen No. 24 produces thin to thick lines when various degrees of pressure are applied.

With the No. 24 having a smaller tip size, this gives the user more control then practicing brush lettering technique. A smaller tip also allows much more detail in sketching and drawing. This pen is a commonly used in workshops and classes for teaching techniques and the fundamentals of brush lettering.

Refill cartridges are available.

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