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Kokuyo Sooofa Soft Ring Notebook / Grid (A5/B6 Size)

by Kokuyo
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Say goodbye to hard metal rings digging into your wrist! The Kokuyo Sooofa notebook has rings made of soft plastic that squish down when you rest your hand on them, so using both side of each page is much more comfortable. The notebook's soft rings also won't get bent out of shape or scratch up your other belongings when you carry it in a bag or backpack. But that's just the beginning. From the pen notch on the front cover to the pocket on the inside back cover, the Sooofa is designed from the ground up to provide the most comfortable and convenient writing experience possible.

  • 80 sheets of smooth Kokuyo Campus paper. The sheets are wider than standard A5/b6 paper.
  • 4 mm graph sheet style.
  • Microperforated pages for clean and easy removal.
  • Soft colored plastic covers that are easy to clean if they get dirty.
  • Notch on the front cover for hooking your pen to. Through the notch, you can see the first page of the notebook, which is a sheet of glossy colored paper that compliments the colors of the cover and rings.
  • Soft ring binding.
  • Elastic band closure.
  • Clear pocket inside the back cover for loose notes and receipts.