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J.Herbin Pigmented Ink Copper / 30ml

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Original price MYR 39.90
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MYR 39.90 - MYR 39.90
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Herbin's calligraphy inks are best suited for steel nib dip pens, glass or quill pens, calames or brushes. The Decorative Ink has a high pigment content producing a rich opaque colour that is dramatic, particularly when used on dark paper. The ink contains actual metallic pigments requiring the bottle to be shaken vigorously and frequently whilst in use.

Perfect for all aspects of calligraphy and artistic work but not recommended for use in fountain pens.


J Herbin was an enterprising French sailor of the mid-17th century who made a number of voyages to India, collecting ingredients and formulas for his sealing wax and inks. He began making pen inks in his Paris workshop around the beginning of the 18th Century with the "Ink of Ships" and the "Jewel of Inks." The inks are produced using all natural dyes and this natural composition results in a very neutral pH level.