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[RESTOCKING IN MARCH] Hobonichi Techo Cousin Cover [A5 Size] // Keiko Shibata: Gentle Breeze in a Dandelion Field

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Keiko Shibata’s unique artwork has now become Hobonichi Techo covers. “Gentle breeze in a dandelion field” is one of the works drawn in 2022 on the theme of “wind.”

The fluff is carried far away at night on the breeze that blows softly in the dandelion field. The bear and the cat are gazing enraptured at this beautiful scene.

The artwork is printed on a textured polyester fabric to bring out the warm touch of the oil pastel drawing. Each fluffy fluff is depicted all over onto the back of the cover. You will also notice the bear and the cat’s gaping open-mouth expressions.

The dandelion fluff fluttering in the night sky expands over the cover and the “butterfly-stopper” pen holders.

The card pockets in the inner cover also have the dandelion fluff in the night sky printed on them. The two bookmarks are white and light green, with charms reminiscent of dandelion flowers and fluff.

On the left side pocket, you will find Keiko Shibata’s autograph printed.

We also have an A5 size “Hobonichi Pencil Board” printed with Keiko Shibata’s “Swaying tulips” artwork.

There are many more items for our collaboration with Keiko Shibata! The techo covers are the A6 size “Bread floating in the wind,” the A5 size “Gentle breeze in a dandelion field,” and the Weeks size “Fluffy floating kittens“ designs. The Hobonichi Pencil Board comes in three sizes: the A6 size “Upwind alpacas,” the A5 size “Swaying tulips,” and the Weeks size “Wind gust during a Stay command” designs. The Hobonichi Plain Notebook comes in two sizes, A6 and A5, in the “Who is it?” design. You can also enjoy Keiko Shibata’s original letter paper, message card, and letter set. All the items are unique and charming enough to experience the world of Keiko Shibata.

About Keiko Shibata

Born in Kochi prefecture. Picture book works include the Meganeko series (Tegamisha), the SHIROKUMA series (PHP Institute), and the PANDOROBOU “Bread Thief” series (KADOKAWA).

A5 size
H: 228 x W: 337 x T: 3 mm
*Specifications may vary slightly
Material - Exterior: Polyester / Interior: Polyester

Sold separately is the PVC Cover on Cover for selected covers. In addition to protecting your cover from wear and tear, the Cover on Cover is a great place to store postcards, pictures, and other decorations to customize your cover at any time.

*Please note that cover does not come with planner book, they are available here:

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