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Clairefontaine Etival Black 300GSM Watercolour Paper (A5/A4)

Original price MYR 40.00 - Original price MYR 60.00
Original price MYR 40.00
MYR 40.00
MYR 40.00 - MYR 60.00
Current price MYR 40.00

Etival Watercolour Paper is high quality paper made from pure cellulose. It is acid-free and has excellent preservation as well as high absorption, making it a great choice for a huge range of watercolour techniques.

The ETIVAL watercolor block was made of 100% cellulose. It has high-quality, acid-free paper, produced without the use of optical brighteners. Thanks to the traditional production process, it has a harmonious texture, with evenly formed fibers, which ensures its stability during operation, and also ensures excellent water absorption.

Double-sided paper with fine grain on one side and coarse grain on the other. Perfect for painting with metallic watercolor paints to give a beautiful depth to the illustration.
    Made in France