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Ceramic Daisy Palette // 7 Wells

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This Ceramic Daisy Palette has a nice weighty feel and can be used with watercolour, inks and dyes. This pretty yet practical palette checks off all the boxes. It’s not too big and not too small, managing to fit six sizable wells around a generous central mixing area. Each surrounding section is roomy enough to fit two paint dabs, so you can work with a dozen colors at once, and they’re deep enough to hold pools if you want to work with more fluid. 

Because it is made from porcelain, it is easy to clean, will not stain and will keep your paints wet for longer than a plastic palette; providing a longer period for wet mixing and allowing you to avoid having to colour match to dry hues. Ceramic palettes are very sturdy and designed for years of consistent use.

It has 6 external wells and one central well, with each well measuring approximately 1.5” in diameter.

Size 5.5 inch in diameter

Note: This palette does not include watercolors and are sold separately in store.