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Princeton Travel 4750 Neptune Synthetic Squirrel Brush // Round

Original price MYR 92.90 - Original price MYR 399.90
Original price
MYR 92.90
MYR 92.90 - MYR 399.90
Current price MYR 92.90

Princeton, who over twenty years ago created a synthetic version of the sable brush, have created synthetic squirrel bush. Princeton’s synthetic squirrel brushes, like their synthetic sable cousins, were designed to surpass their natural counterparts. They're so soft and absorbent, that the experts in natural hair have been skeptical that these brushes are actually synthetic. 

Princeton’s Neptune™ brushes hold colour excellently and come in a large range of shapes, including mottlers and quills. Neptune™ squirrel brushes have traditional solid wood watercolour handles.

This Neptune Travel Brush by Princeton is constructed with a beautiful metal barrel in copper that doubles as a handle as well as storage for the brush head, this brush is the perfect tool for the artist on the go!

  • Our thirstiest brush
  • Soft and supple with an even release of color
  • More durable and affordable than squirrel
  • Perfect for watercolour and gouache 
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