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How to Clean Watercolor Brushes

How to Clean Watercolor Brushes

Cleaning your watercolor brushes is important to maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan. Here are the steps to clean watercolor brushes:

  1. Rinse the brush: Rinse the brush under warm running water to remove any excess paint. Be gentle and try not to bend the bristles.

  2. Apply soap: Apply a small amount of mild soap or shampoo to the bristles of the brush. Use your fingers to work the soap into the bristles, starting from the ferrule (the metal part that holds the bristles) and working towards the tip.

  3. Rinse again: Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water until the water runs clear. Make sure to remove all the soap from the brush.

  4. Reshape the brush: Gently reshape the bristles of the brush with your fingers. Use a soft cloth to remove any excess water.

  5. Dry the brush: Hang the brush upside down or lay it flat on a clean surface to dry. Avoid storing the brush upright, as this can cause water to seep into the ferrule and damage the brush.

It's important to clean your watercolor brushes after each use to prevent paint from drying in the bristles and causing damage. Regular cleaning will also help to maintain the shape and quality of the brush.

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