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VersaColor Ink Pad (List 1/2)

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This rich, creamy, water-based, fade-resistant, pigment ink and dries slowly. It is acid-free and archival. VersaColor is an “archival” ink. Archival means that the ink is smudge-proof, provides crisp printing, does not fade and is water resistant. The ink is child-safe, acid-free and non-toxic.

The raised ink pad makes it possible to ink any size rubber stamp without interference from the ink pad case. 

VersaColor ink is our favorite because it offers many colors and shades, it’s very versatile, and it has the ability to capture the fine details of our stamps. 

VersaCraft is a traditional pigment ink that takes about 10-15 minutes to dry on uncoated paper, making it ideal for transparent embossing powder

 The ink pad is 1.25” x 1.25” (33 x 33 mm). For the the full color chart, click here!

 Made in Japan.


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