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SONIC Toga Return Desk Top Pencil Sharpener

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The Sonic Toga Return combines "toga," the Japanese word for "sharp," with the English word "return" to tell you exactly what it does: it sharpens your pencil and gives it back to you when it's done! This clever mechanism prevents over-sharpening and helps pencils last longer, so it's no surprise that this sharpener won the 26th Japan Stationery Awards 2017 and IF DESIGN AWARD 2018. In addition to its easy-to-use design, a locking shavings compartment and fun look make it perfect for kids.

The Sonic Toga Return works with all standard-size graphite and colored pencils whether they are round, hexagonal, or triangular. It has an anti-slip bottom and a large-capacity shavings compartment that locks in place so that it won't fall out or spill if the sharpener gets dropped. The same lock can also close the sharpening hole to prevent shavings from falling out during transport.

To use this sharpener, slide the lock to the middle position and push the pencil in all the way until it can't go any farther. Let go of the pencil, place a hand on the sharpener to keep it steady, and turn the crank until the sharpener pushes the pencil back out. Voila! The pencil is now fully sharpened. To remove and empty the shavings compartment, slide the lock all the way up. Slide it all the way down if you want to close the sharpening hole.


  • Returns pencil automatically when it is fully sharpened.
  • Shavings compartment locks to prevent spills.
  • Suitable for standard-size graphite and colored pencils of all shapes (hexagonal, triangular, and round).

Size W84 x H121 x D141mm