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MIDORI Embroidered Bookmark Clip // Polar Bear

by Midori
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This adorable embroidered bookmark allows you to customize just about any notebook with a bookmark just by inserting it with a clip. Simply insert the clip onto your notebook, novel or diary, etc. to create a cute embroidery charm. You can customize and enjoy simple notebooks and notebooks with your favorite motifs. The length can be adjusted by wrapping a bookmark string around the clip part, so it matches the size of the notebook or novel to be used with.

<Estimated length> A5: As it is, B6: 1 lap, A6: 2 laps

Three-dimensional embroidery sticker The warm embroidery charm expresses the popular motif "polar bear" with fine embroidery. The loose expression "polar bear pattern" that makes coffee makes you feel relaxed just by looking at it ♪ Please customize it cutely with your favorite motif. It is also recommended as a gift for animal lovers.

Made of rayon + polyester (clip: made of fiber paper)
H305 ~ 308 × W23 ~ 33 × D3mm (Bookmark string length: 250mm)
○ Compatible with A6 to A5 sizes
○ Please note that using the product in a wet state may cause discoloration or color transfer.
○ Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.
○ If the holding power of the clip is reduced, correct the bent part.

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