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MIDORI Embroidered Bookmark Clip // Shimaenaga on Ink Bottle

by Midori
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This adorable embroidered bookmark allows you to customize just about any notebook with a bookmark just by inserting it with a clip. Simply insert the clip onto your notebook, novel or diary, etc. to create a cute embroidery charm. You can customize and enjoy simple notebooks and notebooks with your favorite motifs. The length can be adjusted by wrapping a bookmark string around the clip part, so it matches the size of the notebook or novel to be used with.

<Estimated length> A5: As it is, B6: 1 lap, A6: 2 laps

Three-dimensional embroidery sticker The warm embroidery charm expresses the popular motif "Shimaenaga" with fine embroidery. The design is so lovely that it sits on a bottle of ink. Please customize it cutely with your favorite motif. It is also recommended as a gift for people who like Kotori.

Made of rayon + polyester (clip: made of fiber paper)
H305 ~ 308 × W23 ~ 33 × D3mm (Bookmark string length: 250mm)
○ Compatible with A6 to A5 sizes
○ Please note that using the product in a wet state may cause discoloration or color transfer.
○ Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.
○ If the holding power of the clip is reduced, correct the bent part.

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