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LAMY Studio Imperial Blue Fountain Pen

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This LAMY Studio fountain pen has a matte dark blue lacquer finish with high gloss chrome grip. 

The distinguishing feature of the Lamy Studio Imperial Blue Fountain Pen is its striking twisted clip. Reminiscent of modern sculpture, it provides an innovative design accent and is at the same time an exciting contrast to the restrained and timeless design of the body. Gently curving and harmoniously proportioned, this lends the Lamy Studio a classically elegant appearance and ensures maximum writing comfort.

The Lamy Studio Imperial Blue Fountain Pen is crafted with the highest levels of skill and quality, as demonstrated by the practically seamless transitions between the parts of the housing and the lack of decorative rings and plates, as well as by the high-quality materials used.

This fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY T10 ink cartridge and a Z27 converter for use with bottled ink so you can get started writing right away. This pen is available in very limited quantities.

Design: Hannes Wettstein

Note: To ensure quality performance, LAMY tests its pens as a final step in manufacturing. If you see any remaining blue ink, make sure this is normal.