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Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist White Brush Pen (UEF)

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Original price MYR 65.90
MYR 65.90
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Easy-to-use brush pen type

Since it is a brush pen type, there is no need to prepare or clean up. The tips are well organized and you can easily add highlights.
Extra-fine tips that are easy to apply on small parts

A white brush pen that can be used to highlight illustrations. It has an ultra-fine tip that can produce a wide range of thick and thin lines, making it a great choice for manga, calligraphy, and other art. Its ultra fine tip is perfect for drawing highlights and fine details, as well as correcting stray lines. You can easily add highlights with the same feeling as a brush pen. 

If the ink flow becomes too dry, twist the back of the pen clockwise until you hear a click to force more ink into the tip. After each use, wipe off any excess ink from the tip onto a piece of scratch paper and close the cap.

The pen's water-based pigment ink is quick drying and water resistant.

Adjust the density by recoating
You can also paint with a marker from above. If you apply the alcohol marker on the white brush pen after it has dried, the color will be slightly whitish than the other parts, so you can express more natural highlights. 


Note: This pen is disposable pen, no replacement cartridges available.

Made in Japan

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