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[20ml Sample] J.Herbin Indian Ink / Red

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India Ink ("Encre De Chine") is also called "China Ink." This ink's primary component is the lacquer found in the Punjab region of India. Herbin began production of India ink in 1829.

Herbin Indian ink has a high lac concentration. Except for the black indian ink, which is pigmented, they are transparent coloured. It can be used with nib or brush and becomes shiny when drying. It is indelible and solvent resistant. Artists appreciate it for the permanency of its colour.

The featured characteristics of India Ink are as follows:

  • Shellac type lacquer dries to a nice shine
  • Great permanency of color
  • Indelible and solvent resistant
  • Fast drying time
  • Only for use with brushes and dip pens. Not for use with fountain pens.
  • Repackaged into a 20ml sample size glass jar


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