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2024 Furukawashiko Retro Desk Calendar

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A retro desk calendar that reminds you of those nostalgic days.
This is a desk calendar from Furukawa Shiko's popular series "Retro Diary", which is well-known for its stationery and miscellaneous goods.
There are lots of retro and cute motifs that will make you feel like you've traveled back in time to those nostalgic days.
This calendar can be enjoyed as a miscellaneous item, just like your favorite stationery or accessories.

The colors and atmosphere change each month, so you'll look forward to flipping through them each month.

There are many illustrations that make you feel nostalgic, such as cream soda, red bean paste, candy cans, and milk bottles.
The text is cute and matches the illustrations.

It can also be hung and used as a wall calendar.

In 2024, why not color your days with retro illustrations?

Furukawa Shiko's "Retro Diary"
Founded 189 years ago, Furukawa Shiko Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that mainly manufactures and sells Mino washi paper and paper stationery products. This time, he has been working on many paper products such as "Otomejiki" which has been turned into a calendar, "Retro Diary", and "Soebumi Notebook".

"Retro Diary" is a series that collects retro and cute motifs that make you feel like you've traveled back in time to those nostalgic days. The playful retro feel is fresh.


Size: H132 x W180mm
12 sheets
W ring binding
Made in Japan

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