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Michihamono Rubber Stamp Carving Chisel

by Rabby
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You can make your stamps to decorate calendars, cards, gift wraps, journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, stickers, tags or cupcake tags. The chisel knives are great for carving delicate and intricate sections of your rubber stamp. Choose from the below:

- Oblique-Bent Blade (Red)
- Round Blade - Small (Yellow)
- Delta Blade - Small (Aqua Blue)

With a 15 degree bent-angle and 35 degree acute angled blade tip, the Oblique-Bent Chisel is used for plane carving and deep plane modifying. It differs from the other chisels with its bent edge midway down the blade, producing intricate and detailed carving with ease. Compared to straight chisels, the bent edge allows deep carving without placing the tool horizontally. It can be used to carve a round hole by simply rotating the rubber block and keeping your hand still. The tip and angle are very sharp for accurate cuts and thin lines.

With a blade width of 3mm, the Small Round Chisel is used for carving large rounded areas. It is great for removing unwanted sections and creates a smooth, clean finish.

With a 50 degree acute angled blade, the Small Delta Chisel is used for carving fine lines and also for slot modifying. With its triangular blade, it is easy to see and use when carving and the sharp angled tip ensures a professional result.

These are perfect for use with all rubber blocks.