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[Limited Edition] MIDORI Paintable Stamp Kit // Happy Birthday

by Midori
Original price MYR 136.80 - Original price MYR 136.80
Original price
MYR 136.80
MYR 136.80 - MYR 136.80
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Celebrating Midori 70th Anniversary! Stamp penetration stamp kit that allows you to make your own mini card. 

A stamp kit that includes a paintable stamp, color pens, mini cards, and envelopes that makes it easy to create a wonderful calligraphy message card . You can instantly produce a cute design by using this stamp kit. The oil-based ink stamp will not smudge even if you paint it with a water-based marker. 

The lovely calligraphy design is by popular artist Mikiko Amemiya. The design in the calligraphy letters is perfect for a gift. Make your own message card by stamping the mini card and adding color and message with a color pen ♪

The color pens for stamping and writing messages have a calm and comfortable color, "Lavender purple" and "Sunshine pink". 
There are two types of pen tips, a 0.5 mm fine tip and a brush tip that is easy to write with.

8 types of folded mini cards (24 sheets) and 8 colorful envelopes (24 sheets) to make fun combination. The mini cards could be stamped with different frame patterns, giving a gorgeous impression.

A boxed package that is also recommended as a gift with a calm atmosphere design for those who like handmade craft and stationery . 

Contents Paintable stamp x 1
Color pen x 2
Folded mini card x 24 (8 types x 3)
Envelope x 24 (8 colors x 3)

Package Box:  H174 x W225.5 x D24.5mm 
Paintable Stamp: H61 x W61 x D19mm
Color pen: Φ10 x H160mm
Folded mini card: H80 x W160 
Envelope: H90 x W90

Material Paintable stamp:  oil-based pigment black ink
Color pen: Water-based pigment ink
Folded mini card: Paper (with gold foil stamping)
Envelope: Paper