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Kaweco SPECIAL Brass Fountain Pen

by Kaweco
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Brass is a wonderful material for producing pens. It’s strong, it’s heavy and looks and feels great. Lots of pens have brass barrels or components but the brass is normally hidden away under layers of paint or plastic. Not so with the Kaweco Brass Sport.

Made from solid lead-free ‘eco’ brass, which is left untreated and uncoated, it weighs in at 44g which is more than most other pens currently available. The untreated finish means this pen will – like the Al-Sport Raw that came before it – wear over time and develop a unique patina depending on use and storage conditions. The finish can either be left to develop or can be restored using brass polish and a liberal application of elbow grease.

The Brass Sport closely follows an original 1935 octagonal design – ‘Small in the pocket, large in the hand’. The oversized cap arrangement creates a small closed pen but a full length open pen. Closed, the pen is just 108mm long, open 133mm long. The barrel is 14mm in diameter (around the cap).


The Kaweco Special Fountain Pen Brass is standard equipped with a blank steel nib. As an alternative you can also equip the pen with a 14 karat gold nib. The surface is highly polished brass. The metal will change with time and get a patina. A clip can also be purchased for the fountain pen. The thread at the end of the shaft makes the cap’s edges end with the barrels edges. When closed, a small rubber ring helps that the cap and shaft edges look nice in a perfect line.

Supplied with a short international cartridge in blue. The Kaweco Squeeze Converter and the Mini Converter will also fit – available separately – for use with bottled ink.
142mm long capped, 122mm uncapped, 169mm long posted. 11mm wide. Weighs 32g.

Made in Germany

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