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2024 (Spring) Hobonichi Weeks Hardcover Planner // Keiko Shibata: Fluffy Floating Kittens

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Keiko Shibata’s unique artwork has now become a Hobonichi Techo Weeks cover. “Fluffy floating kittens” is one of the works drawn in 2022 on the theme of “wind.”

The wind blowing in the field was so strong that the kittens accidentally started floating. The indescribably cute expressions on their faces are so charming. The rough cloth used on the cover is designed to resemble a canvas. The warm touch of the oil pastel drawings is vividly expressed.

The front cover and book spine are foil-printed with the year 2024 in black, for a nice and simple look.

The back cover features the image of Shibata’s signature.

The cover has been constructed as a light hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends.

*This product is not available in English.

When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket you can stick anywhere you like.

The book uses thin and light yet durable Tomoe River S paper. The paper has supported the Hobonichi Techo for over 20 years with its special characteristics, but it’ll be undergoing an overhaul starting with the 2024 edition techos. The paper is more resistant to bleed through, lighter despite being the same thickness, and has a smoother surface by adjusting the fibers of the paper.

The April-start Weeks book has space for writing in plans or journal entries, and it also has 73 pages of grid paper memo pages in the back. The back of the book contains informational pages, including An Interview with Myself and Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home.

If you’d like storage space or a way to change up the look of your Weeks book, you can customize your book by pairing it with a Weeks cover.

We also have a Weeks size “Hobonichi Pencil Board” printed with Keiko Shibata’s “Wind gust during a Stay command” artwork.

There are many more items for our collaboration with Keiko Shibata! The techo covers are the A6 size “Bread floating in the wind,” the A5 size “Gentle breeze in a dandelion field,” and the Weeks size “Fluffy floating kittens“ designs. The Hobonichi Pencil Board comes in three sizes: the A6 size “Upwind alpacas,” the A5 size “Swaying tulips,” and the Weeks size “Wind gust during a Stay command” designs. The Hobonichi Plain Notebook comes in two sizes, A6 and A5, in the “Who is it?” design.  All the items are unique and charming enough to experience the world of Keiko Shibata.

About Keiko Shibata

Born in Kochi prefecture. Picture book works include the Meganeko series (Tegamisha), the SHIROKUMA series (PHP Institute), and the PANDOROBOU “Bread Thief” series (KADOKAWA).

Size H: 188 x W: 94 x T: 9 mm / H: 7.4" x W: 3.7" x T: 0.4"
*Specifications may vary slightly
Main material Rayon / Paper
Language Japanese
Pages 240 pages
Paper Type / Binding Thin, light Tomoe River S paper resistant to bleeding and designed for planners / Stitch-binding
Graph Paper Size 3.55 mm
Start of Week Monday-start week
Yearly Calendar 2023, 2024, 2025
Yearly Index Apr. 2024 - Mar. 2025 (2 pages)
Monthly Calendar Mar. 2024 - Apr. 2025 (28 pages)
Daily Quotes One per week (Japanese)
Weekly Pages Feb. 26, 2024 - Apr. 6, 2025 (116 pages)
*All weekly pages include quotes.
Graph Paper 73 pages
Bonus Pages Shorthand Note-Taking / Using Common Items to Measure Size / My 100 / An Interview with Myself / Seasonal Sweets to Make at Home / Solar Terms / Emergency Preparedness / Age Table / Conversion Chart / Getting the most of Hobonichi / Contact List / Personal Notes
Listed Information Week of the year / Rokuyo (traditional Japanese calendar) / Solar terms / Japanese holidays / Moon phase (weekly pages include every phase, monthly calendars only include full and new moon)

 Note: The Hobonichi Techo's Tomoe River paper is designed to prevent bleed-through, but some fountain pens and water-based ink pens are not compatible with this paper. When switching to a new pen, we recommend testing the pen somewhere in the book, such as the back memo pages, to see if the ink bleeds through or takes an especially long time to dry.

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