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TAKE A NOTE Undated Weekly Planner (A5 Slim)

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SLIM WEEKLY PLANNER is a journal for the light planner/techo user or the user who is serious about planning the schedules. It includes three formats: monthly plan, weekly plan and note pages. Using 52 gsm white Tomoe River Paper which is light and easy to carry.
We redesign the layout of monthly ane weekly plan, and add plently of note pages. Both monthly plan and weekly plan add a note space to provide more flexibility for users. The monthly plan redesign to the vertical layout which provide more writing space. Though the weekly plan is 26 weeks, we add 54 pages of grid note so that the users can use freely. A simple slim weekly planner can provide ample itinerary planning and note-taking functions.

  • Using 52 gsm white Tomoe River Paper, which has no bleeding through fountain pens, high ink saturation, and collecting stamps, satisfying the need for large page quantities without increasing the load while carrying around.
  • 112 pages only weighs about 80g. 11x21cm is easy to carry
  • The monthly planning has been redesigned. The vertical Gantt chart planner is more suitable for planning itineraries, and a large square space is reserved below to increase the freedom of notes.
  • Redesign the weekly plan, increase a large blank square space below, and the grid of the timeline is 3.5mm.
  • Reconfigure the inner pages, monthly plan x 12 months, weekly plan x 26 weeks, new grid note pages x 54 pages, and use more freely.
The weekly plan has a 30-minute grid and a solid dot at 15 min and 45 min.

A note space on the left side of the weekly plan.

The new note space below the weekly plan.

The monthly plan is changed to a vertical layout, which greatly increases the writing space and is more practical. The lower part is the new-added note space, which can be used freely.

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