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2024 TRAVELER'S Notebook

2024 TRAVELER'S Notebook

The 2024 TRAVELER'S Notebook Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder, and Customized Sticker Set feature a design themed around a TRAVELER’S TOWN that warmly welcomes travelers.

Travelers come and go all over the world, and the town has become a bustling place. Such an appearance creates a liveliness in the town and arouses the desire to travel. If there is a TRAVELER’S TOWN somewhere in the world and you travel there, you will feel uplifted and positive. We want people to spend the year 2024 feeling like they are traveling through a TRAVELER’S TOWN. With this in mind, we have chosen this year’s TRAVELER’S TOWN theme.

Complimentary limited edition rubber stamp and sticker with purchase of RM100 and above from 2024 TRAVELER'S Notebook collection (minimum 1 item) and TRAVELER'S Notebook collection!

*While stocks last.
*Limited to one set per order.
*Terms & conditions apply.

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